FEH Tier List 2023 – Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

FEH (Fire Emblem Heroes) is one of the most popular RPG (Role Playing Games) games. It is role-playing and a tactical mobile game. And as we all know selection of the perfect team is the most important factor in RPG games like FEH ( Fire Emblem Heroes).

To select the perfect team, you must have an idea about the FEH tier list. If you don’t have any idea about the FEH tier list then don’t worry. Because in this article we will see the latest updated Feh tier list 2023. After reading this article you will be able to create the perfect team.

What are Fire Emblem Heroes

As we discussed above Fire emblem heroes is an RPG game. It is one of the best and very popular RPG mobile games. In this game, you have to try different heroes for various roles.

The tier list is the ranking of the heroes based on their abilities and combat performances. In this article we have broken down all heroes into six different tiers ( S, A, B, C, D, E ). Heroes in the S tier are best and in tier, E are considered as worst heroes. Heroes in the higher tier are the best for difficult challenges. So, let’s see the updated Feh tier list 2023 or fire emblem heroes tier list 2023.

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Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) Tier list 2023

1. FEH Tier List – S Tier ( Best Heroes )

S Tier is top tier. Heroes in S tier are considered as best heroes. And including S tier heroes in your squad is always better. You can always use these heroes to complete high combat and difficult battles.

Young CaedaNagiHoshidan Summer Micaiah
Spring ldunnThrasirSutr
TibarnValentine’s AlmWinter Sothis
Fallen lkeFallen TikiBrave Lke
Fallen JuliaLegendary AlmFallen Corrin (male)
SothisFallen Corrin ( Female )Due Ephraim
New Year AlfonseValentine’s FayeLegendary Julia
Legendary AzuraCaineghisDue Ephraim
Fallen Corrin (male)PeonyLegendary Julia

2. FEH Tier List – A Tier

feh tier list 2021 fire emblem tier list

Heroes in A tier are also highly skilled. They also have abilities to deal with difficult situations on the battlefield. They are not stronger than S tier heroes in Feh tier list or fire emblem heroes tier list 2023 but still, they are very effective on the battlefield.

KiriaWinter faeSpring EstOphelia
ShannanPicnic FeliciaYoung PallaNils
LarceiMyrrhBridal NailahNaliah
LifReysonLegendary CelicaReinhardt
Brave AlmEleonoraFallen LyonForsyth
SigurdLeliaYarneWinter Nino
Legendary SeliphLegendary LeifMamoriHardin
Halloween MyrrhBernadettaFallen Robin (Male)Tsubasa
Halloween HectorWinter MarthWinter faeBrave Camilla
Flying OliviaBridal MicaiahPicnic FeliciaLgrene
Summer Tiki (Young)Brave CamillaLgreneAltina

3. FEH B Tier Heroes

B-tier heroes are also good heroes if you utilize them properly. But they are not stronger than S and A tier heroes. If you know how to utilize them effectively then they could play a very crucial role. But the abilities and potential of these heroes is definitely not as strong as S and A tier heroes.

MareetaBramimondLegendary Chrom
MidoriMilaBrave Lucinia
Byleth (Female)Brave LynLegendary ephraim
Byleth (Male)Halloween JakobBrave Hector
LagoDumaValentine’s Rudolf
Legendary lkeBridal FjormNaga
Legendary EliwoodLysitheaLilith
Valentine’s LkeBrave EpharimYoung Merric
Picnic FloraValentine’s HectorOsian
Soiree IshtarBrave MicaiahSpring Fir

4. FEH C Tier Heroes

C-tier heroes are average heroes. They are not too good and also not too bad. They are not capable of handling difficult combat situations. But still, they can help you if used efficiently. So let’s see the Heroes in the C tier of the FEH tier list.

Legendary RoyChadHawkeyeLegendary Ephraim
Legendary MarthGordinMerricMathida
Brave CelicaFayeRavenBrave Eliwood
LifLeonSummer SelenaFallen Berkut
MidoriSummer GunnthraNew Year LetheDimitri
Summer JoshuaPicnic GennyOlwenNinian
KarelEthlynHalloween KageroElincia
Lon’quClaudewinter JaffarFallen Delthea
FirClaudeAmeliaLegendary Lucina
RyomaForrestSpring VeronicaYlgr
LilinaSummer LindeYoung MinervaCordelia
LethePriscillaChercheBridal Ninjan
Hostile Springs EliseEliseGangrelLewyn
Legendary EirikaClarineSilqueLute
HridnannaSoiree NepheneeFjorm
Legendary Seliphwinter CeciliaBerkutAversa
EldiganHalloween DozlaOscarValentine’s Catria
EldiganHostile Springs SakuraHalloween NilesCaeda
AresHalloween Miawinter EphraimFallen Hardin
SiegbertSpring KageroHalloween llyanaSummer Ingrid
SiegbertRutgerWinter NinoClair
Halloween MyrrhlshtarGwendolynMicaiah
Winter ZephielLindeBlack Knightlshtar

5. D Tier in FEH Tier List

D-tier heroes don’t have enough abilities to contribute in combat. But still if used efficiently, they can contribute to some functions. D-tier heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes are not good enough. So you should avoid including these heroes in the team. Let’s see D-tier heroes in the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list.

GaronMikotoWinter FaeEffie
LtsukiEmmerynFlame EmperorWinter Robin
Bridal OboroMercedesSheenaNaesala
AstramBridal LynWinter LissaPetra
HubertClarisseWinter ChromEst
New Year AnnaTakumiHalloween HenryCatria
EyvelKazeNew Year AzuraSummer Ylgr
SanakiSummer NoireHostile Springs HinokaHelbindi
EirikaRanulfNew Year FjormLibra
HenrySummer WoltBradyRinkah
AthenaHalloween L’ArachealJamkeEchidna
Masked MarthPythonDeath knightArthur
MarisaGunnthraOlwenSummer Elise
SaberValentine’s GreilUrsulaDorcas
AyraHalloween DorcasSummer CordeliaRhajat
SoleilDonnelClivePerforming Inigo
Summer LilnaDeltheaPicnic LukasHoshidan Summer Ryoma
ZephielPerforming ShigureValbarMae
Spring pallaSelkieMaeNowi
Fallen AshnardHoshidan Summer RyomaNew Year EirMordecai

6. Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List – E Tier

E tier is the last tier in the FEH tier list. E-tier heroes are the worst heroes in FEH. You should avoid using these heroes in your team. They are not strong enough to contribute in the game. They can be easily defeated by the opponent. Let’s see E tier in FEH tier list 2023.

Spring BrunoHostile Springs Camilla
Bridal LouiseSummer Takumi
Valentine Louise 


Is Reinhardt still good Feh?

Yes, Reinhardt is still good and reliable. But the Speed is the only drawback of Reinhardt