illusion Connect Tier List 2023 – Best Characters Listed

As we all know illusion connect is a mobile real-time action strategy game. Your performance in game totally depends upon the heroes you will choose. Choosing the perfect hero is a very challenging task in RPG games like illusion Connect. Choosing the right heroes took a lot of time. If you having any problems while finding perfect heroes for you then don’t worry. Here we are going to discuss the illusion connect tier list.

We will see about both the Best and worst Heroes. After a lot of research, we have created an illusion connect tier list. In this illusion connect tier list we have classified heroes in different categories. Let’s see Illusion connect tier list.

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Illusion Connect Tier List 2023

As mentioned above, we have classified heroes of illusion connect in 6 different categories – S, A, B, C, D, E. along with these six tiers we will also see the class of each hero. You will be able to choose the perfect hero after reading this illusion connect tier list. So let’s see the illusion Connect tier list:

Anna, Gemmy, Kasumi, Miyuki, Yuffie, Nicola 
Angela, Ann, Berial, Charlotte, Eileen, Gaguku, Hachi, Vivian, Hersey, Kiraya, Maki, Nina, Pan, Phoebe, Rikia, Rotania, Fenebeth, Gigi, Hotaru 
Abby, Amon, Annie, Annis Dora, Barinas, Camille, Cubie, Diamond, Diana, Fenebeth, Saya, The Enforcer, Jasmine, Lunar, Mad Hatter, Ming, Nefir, Polly, Rie, Sachiko, Victoria, Yume, Shanti 
Alice, Beatrice, Brooke, Carol, Chiya, Edward, Frantiva, Mary, Mei 
Ashwaya, Flora, Harto, Mia, Nanalie, Bontenmaru 
Tiffany, Loro, Penny 

Heroes in the S tier are the best heroes and they have some powerful abilities. E-tier heroes are the worst heroes that you should not include in your squad. A, B, C, D tier heroes are average heroes, they are neither too good and too bad. So you can choose accordingly.

No, we will see a class of each hero in every tier. So let’s start with the S tier.

illusion connect tier list

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1. S Tier List of illusion Connect

In the illusion Connect tier list, the S tier is the group of the best heroes. You should always try to include heroes from S tier in your squad. S-tier heroes have many powerful abilities and they can defeat the enemy easily. Try to include S tier character always in your squad as much as possible.

S Tier Hero NameClass
Anna Heal 
Gemmy Attack 
Kasumi Attack 
Miyuki Spell 
Yuffie Sorcerer 
Nicola Sorcerer 

2. A Tier List of illusion Connect

A-Tier heroes also consist of some awesome abilities. You should also consider these heroes while creating your squad. They don’t have more abilities than S-tier heroes but still, they can compete with S-tier heroes.

A Tier Hero NameClass
Angela Guardian 
Ann Summon 
Berial Guardian 
Charlotte Light 
Eileen Light 
Gaguku Summon 
Hachi Sorcerer 
Vivian Light 
Hersey Attack 
Kiraya Guardian 
Maki Attack 
Nina Sorcerer 
Pan Attack 
Phoebe Light 
Rikia Spell 
Rotania Sorcerer 
Fenebeth Sorcerer 
Gigi Attack 
Hotaru Attack 

3. B Tier List of illusion Connect

Even if heroes in the B tier are not powerful as A and S tier heroes, you should include them in your squad. If you want to make a powerful squad, then you cant ignore B-tier heroes. Let’s see the class of each hero in the B tier.

B Tier Hero NameClass
Abby Attack 
Annie Guardian 
Annis Dora Summon 
Barinas Guardian 
Camille Guardian 
Cubie Light 
Diamond Heal 
Diana Heal 
Fenebeth Sorcerer 
Saya Attack 
The Enforcer Summon 
Jasmine Heal 
Lunar Atttack 
Mad Hatter Summon 
Ming Heal 
Nefir Sorcerer 
Polly Heal 
Rie Sorcerer 
Sachiko Guardian 
Victoria Guardian 
Yume Attack 
Shanti Guardian 

4. C Tier List of illusion Connect

It is very tricky to choose Heroes in C- Tier because they are not too good and also not too bad. So you should use them very wisely. However, they are definitely better than D and E-ranked characters. Tier C characters are considered average characters. You can include them in the squad but there is the possibility that they will be defeated by the enemy.

C Tier Hero NameClass
Alice Spell 
Brooke Light 
Carol Attack 
Chiyo Sorcerer 
Edward Attack 
Frantiva Summon 
Mary Sorcerer 
Mei Attack 

5. D Tier List of illusion Connect

D-tier heroes are not enough strong but if required you can fill blank spots in your squad with D-tier heroes. D-tier characters can be defeated by opponents easily. You should try to avoid playing with these characters as much as possible. let’s see a class of each hero in this tier of illusion connect tier list.

D Tier Hero NameClass
Ashwaya Summon 
Flora Summon 
Harto Light 
Mia Attack 
Nanalie Spell 
Bontenmaru Guardian 

6. E Tier List of illusion Connect

Characters in E-tier are the worst characters. If you include them in the squad there is a higher possibility that they will be defeated by the enemy. You should avoid these characters as much as possible. Playing with these characters will be a huge risk so avoid playing with these characters.

E Tier Hero NameClass
Tiffany Sorcerer 
Loro Guardian 
Penny Attack 

So there is the illusion connect tier list. We have also discussed the class of each hero in each tier. Now you can create your squad with the help of this tier list.

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Choosing the perfect squad or team in RPG games like illusion connect. And choosing a perfect team is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and effort to choose the perfect team. That’s why we have created an illusion connect tier list. You can refer list given above to build a perfect squad. After reading this article you will be able to create the perfect team for illusion connect.