Which is the Best PUBG Character in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a very popular game across the world. There are millions of people who play pubg mobile. Recently, PUBG has launched some special characters to make the game more interesting. These characters have some special powers or abilities.

There are various different pubg character that you can choose. Among the different characters some characters need to purchase and you can use some characters with UC and special vouchers. Following are some special characters in pubg mobile.

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Following are some pubg character in PUBG mobile

1. Victor

Victor’s character was the first character introduced by the PUBG mobile. It is free for all the pubg users. It is one the best pubg characters in pubg mobile. The main functionality of victor character is reducing SMG reloading up to 10%. The character is free for everyone and offers special features to the users.

2. Sara

pubg character sara

It is also one of the best pubg characters. It is a female character. Sara is a special character created to manage vehicles in PUBG. She increases the durability of the vehicles up to 10%. 

To unlock this character you must have 600 UC. Or you can also buy Sara character with a 600 character voucher. Basically, Sara is a special character launched for managing vehicles. 

3. Carlo

carlo character in pubg

Carlo costs for a 1200 character voucher or the 1200UC. You have to collect 240 characters to get the Carlo character. It is a very handsome pubg characters. 

Carlo has a special ability to reduce the damage by 24%. It is a handsome character and it comes with a good and amazing hairstyle. You can use it after unlocking it.

4. Andy


Andy’s character is also one special character like another pubg character in pubg mobile. It is male characters in pubg mobile. Increasing the gun draw and put speed is the special power of the andy  characters in pubg. And like Carlo it also costs 1200 UC or the 1200 character voucher. You can unlock andy’s character if you have 1200 UC.

Which is the Best PUBG Character?

There are many characters in PUBG mobile. And every character has its special powers and ability. You will always wish to have some superpower while playing games.

While playing games, Sara plays a very crucial role. Because most of the time during the gameplay you get killed by the vehicle explosion. And here Sara comes in the picture. Sara can increase vehicle durability.

While playing games, Sara plays a very crucial role. Because most of the time during the gameplay you get killed by the vehicle explosion. And here Sara comes in the picture. Sara can increase vehicle durability. 

Along with Sara Carlo also most important while playing the game. Carlo can reduce your damage by 24%. So it’s a very important character. And also other characters are important like andy. Because it increases gun draw and put speed. 

What are the Characters of the PUBG mobile?

Recently pubg has launched a new character system in the PUBG mobile. In this system, PUBG mobile has launched many different pubg characters in-game. The character has special abilities. This entire character system increases the interest of the gamers in the pubg mobile. 

How many Characters are there in PUBG Mobile?

In 2022 there is mainly 4 Pubg characters. And every character has special abilities to do. They have some kind of special power and the ability to do some special work.

What is the Victor in PUBG?

Victor is one of the special characters in pubg. It is the free pubg character. Pubg character is a character who has some special abilities. Reloading SMG up to 10% is the special ability of the victor character.


The PUBG mobile has launched pubg mobile special character system. In this system total 4 characters are launched. The names of the special characters are victor, andy, Sara, Carlo. All of these characters have some special abilities and powers. Some of these characters are free and some of them can be accessed with UC and special character vouchers.


Who is best character in PUBG?

Sara is one of the best pubg character. It is very helpful character as it is for the vehicle management. Sara increases the durablity of the vehicles. And most of the times player dies with the vehicle explosion. And sara helps gamers from vehical explosion. Hence Sara is best character.

How do you get different characters in PUBG?

Some characters are free and some characters can be used with UC and special character voucher. To get characters in pubg you have to pay UC or special character voucher. with UC you can unlock the characters