Top 5 Best Cricket Games for PC in 2023

As we all know cricket is the second famous game in the world after football. In countries like India, Australia and England, Cricket is a very famous game. Many cricket lovers love cricket like their religion. They always love to play cricket whether it is on the actual playground or on Computer. As technology is evolving and now PCs and laptops are easily available for everyone most cricket lovers want to play cricket on the computer also.

There are many cricket games are available on the internet, most of the peoples confused about the selection of perfect game for them. If you are also one of them and want to know about the best cricket games for PC then don’t worry. You landed on the right page.

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So in this article, we will discuss the 5 best cricket games for PC.

5 Best Cricket Games for PC 2023

1. Ashes Cricket

best cricket game for pc

This game is based on the Ashes cricket series held between England and Australia. It was released in 2017. Ashes are one of the very famous cricket series in the rest of the world. It is a very interesting game to play. You can play games as a licensed man or woman cricketers of team England or team Australia. If you want to play with others countries’ teams then you can edit, customize according to you.

Ashes cricket is one of the best cricket games for PC. It is very popularly known for its visuals and gameplay experience. It feels realistic while playing the ashes game. It is one of the best cricket games for PC, if you are looking for a game with good gameplay and realistic visuals then Ashes cricket is perfect for you.

Ashes Cricket Game Trailer:

Credit: YT/PlayStationAU

2. Don Bradman Cricket

don bradman

Don Bradman cricket is also the best cricket game for PC. It has very realistic visuals and some special effects that attract gamers the most. It has been released by Big Ant Studios. Don Bradman Cricket is a very different game from all other cricket games for pc. It has the unique feature of career mode. No other game has creative features like career mode. 

In the career mode feature of the don Bradman cricket game, you have to start to play cricket from the regional teams. And then you can reach national and international levels by completing different levels of the game. Apart from all of this you can also start building your own stadium in this game. But there is no feature or option to change the real player details. It is a highly rated game by many cricket enthusiasts. You can play the don Bradman cricket game also on PC (Windows), Xbox one and on PlayStation also. 

Don Bradman Cricket – the best game for pc on plastation.

Don Bradman Cricket Trailer:

Credit: YT/bigantstudios

3. Cricket 19

cricket 19

Cricket 19 is also one of the best cricket games for PC. This game supports all three formats of cricket. The special effects added in this game give you a real experience. I am sure that Cricket 19 will fulfill your all requirements as a cricket enthusiast. There are many unique features are added to this game. Especially AI bots used in this game make it realistic and different from the other cricket games. 

There are some features like scenario mode, that make this game special. In scenario mode, you can experience some historical matches of cricket. So overall this is the best cricket game for PC. Almost all the things are there that you want as a cricket fan. So you should definitely download and experience this game at least once in your life.

Cricket 19 Trailer:

Credit: YT/PlayStationAU

4. Cricket Revolution – Best Cricket Game for PC


The cricket revolution had launched in 2019. This game also comes with unique and special features. The Special thing about this game is you can play this game in two formats, single-player and multiplayer. So, in this game, you will able to enjoy the game with your friends and other family members. You can connect with your friends and family members in two ways first is through online mode and the other is via LAN.

Apart from all this, there are also other options are given related to the game, which increases your gaming experience. Like there are various different bowling variations and also there are many different kinds of ball that you can choose to play this game. Also, there are different shots that you can play while batting. This feature makes the cricket revolution different from all other games. That’s why this is the best cricket game for PC in 2023.

Cricket Revolution Trailer:

Credit: YT/InvIdEoGaMeS

5. International Test Cricket

best cricket games for pc

International Test cricket is also one of the best cricket games for PC. This game is one format game where you can only play test cricket. This game tests your management skills also. You have to read the situation of the game while playing the international test cricket game and have to make decisions while playing the game. You can try this game if you are a true test cricket fan. It’s your decision which game to choose. But overall international test cricket is a good game. 


Cricket is a very famous game across the world. And there are many cricket enthusiast who wants to play cricket games on their PC’s. But there are many games are available on the internet. How should one choose the best cricket games for PC? 

So, to solve this problem we listed some best cricket games in this article that are as follows: 

  • Ashes Cricket
  • Don Bradman Cricket
  • Cricket 19
  • Cricket Revolution
  • International Test Cricket

You can choose any game from all the above listed.