Games Kharido Bonus Free Fire Diamond TopUp 2023

Game Kharido is a popular website to get Free Fire diamond topup for free. You can buy diamonds at a cheap price on Games Kharido. Diamond is an official currency in free fire and with diamonds, you can purchase a variety of things in Free Fire like skin, weapons, etc.

Here we will discuss everything about Game Kharido and we will also discuss How to purchase Free Fire diamonds at a cheap price?

This article will give step by step guide about how to purchase diamonds from GamesKharido. So read this article till the end to know everyting about

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Games Kharido Bonus Diamond TopUp

You can follow the following fteps for purchasing diamonds for Free Fire from Games Kharido:

Step-1: open official websites of Games Kharido.

games kharido

Step-2: Click on the Free Fire logo.

Step-3: Choose the number of diamonds do you want and enter your Free Fire ID.

Step-4: Pay the amount given through the given payment method.

Step-5: The diamonds will be added to your Free Fire account after a successful payment / purchase.

This is the whole process of purchasing diamonds from the Game Kharido. After purchasing diamonds, players can acquire various different things available in the game like skin, costumes, pets, and many more things.

Price Plans of Diamonds on Game Kharido

There are different plans provided by Games Kharido. You can choose plans to purchase diamonds according to your need. Following are Some plans from Games Kharido.

  • 40 RS : 50 diamonds + 5 bonus
  • 80 RS : 80 diamonds + 10 bonus
  • 249 RS : 310 diamonds + 31 bonus
  • 400 RS : 520 diamonds + 52 bonus
  • 1600 RS : 1060 diamonds + 106 bonus
  • 4000 RS : 2180 diamonds + 310 bonus
  • 8000 RS : 5600 diamonds + 5600 bonus

Is Game Kharido safe?

According to the website, Game Kharido is an official website run by Garena privet limited. It is 100% safe to use. You can pay money on Game Kharido without any issue. Your transaction will be 100% safe on Game Kharido. However, you should be aware of any fake websites that look like Games Kharido. Such fake websites can steal your secret information like your UPI id, card number or ATM pin, etc. There are many such fake websites on the internet where you should be careful about your data. Don’t share any OTP or ATM pin CVV with these fake websites.

Can I get Unlimited Diamonds in the Free Fire?

Getting unlimited diamonds for free of cost is impossible in Free Fire but some articles on internet claim that they can give you unlimited diamonds with some tricks. If it is possible then definitely it is illegal. This is a risky process. Your Free Fire ID would be blocked.

Free Fire Games Kharido Garena Topup Center

Free Fire is a multiplayer Battle Royale Game. Diamonds are used as currency in this game. You can spend diamonds to acquire various interesting things. You can buy things like skin, guns, pets and many more things from diamonds but diamonds are not freely available in the game.

As a gamer, you have to purchase diamonds from third-party websites. There is an official website provided by Garena privet limited, to purchase diamonds named gmaekharido .in. This is a 100% official website and safe to use. You can perform all your transactions on this website without any doubt. The Game Khairdo is an official free fire top-up the center. You can purchase diamonds here to enjoy the game.

How do I Top Up on Games Kharido?

To top up games on Game Kharido, you have to visit the official website of Game Kharido ( After visiting the official website just follow simple steps:

  • Select your game to which you want to top up.
  • insert your game id
  • select top up plan 
  • select payment method
  • make payment

Now your topup is succesfull. Just follow these simple steps to top up games on kharido.

Is it safe to Top Up in Free Fire?

Yes, It is 100% safe unless and until you are on the official tool or website. There are many fake tools that are created by hackers to steal your personal and banking data. You should be aware of such fake sources. You should not share any password or pin on these fake websites. It will definitely harm your privacy. So be aware of such things before doing anything on the internet.

How do i get a Refund from Game Kharido?

There are many offers on the Game Kharido. You just have to visit frequently to Game Kharido to check the available offers on it. You may not get refund from Game Kharido but there are many offers that can save your lot of money. However in case, your topup failed and you did not receive diamonds, then you should definitely generate request from the contact us page of Game Kharido.

How do you get 1000 Diamonds on Free Fire?

There are many options to get Free Fire diamonds free of cost. Google Opinion Reward is one of the options of getting 1000 diamonds on Free Fire. You just have to visit the Google Opinion app, get a survey on it and complete it. Google gives rewards after completing the survey. Collect money for the free topup, go to your Free Fire app, click on diamond topup and then use Google Opinion Reward money to topup diamonds.

How do I top-up 5 Rupees in the Free Fire?

5 rupees top-up is a service only available for the Indonesian players. But still, there are many ways with which you can use top of 5 rupees in India also. For more information, you can search on google about that.

Games Kharido APK Download

Games Kharido in apk is a mobile application and it is used to topup for the various games. This app is considered safe by several gamers to use and recharge diamonds in the Free Fire. If you have some issues while buying the diamonds then you should definitely use this application to get diamonds safely.

How to get a 100% Bonus on Game Kharido Free Fire Topup?

Like every other multiplayer online battle game, Free Fire also has some game currencies. Diamonds are the currency in Free Fire Game. There are many things to buy and use to enjoy the gameplay of the Free Fire and the only way of purchasing the things in game is diamonds. However, Diamonds are not free the gamer has to purchase diamonds to buy anything in the Free Fire.

Now the question is where to buy the diamonds? The solution is Games Kharido.  One can buy the Free Fire diamonds on the Games Kharido official website. Game Kharido offers a 100% bonus on the first transaction. You just have to buy the diamonds for the topup on the website with an above-given guide.

Other Games Available on Games Kharido

There are many other games available on the official website of the game kharido. Following are some of them:

  • Mobile Legends
  • PUBG
  • Free Fire

A Website Like Games Kharido

Game Kharido is a website that allows the user to purchase diamonds with money. Diamond are the currencies used in Free Fire that can be purchased from GamesKharido. They can be used to purchase equipment like skin, pets, guns, and many other things. There are many other websites that provide top-up facilities for free fire users. Codashop’s and SeaGM are one of them. Codashop and seaGM allows similar facilities that Game Kharido offers.

Alternatives of Game Kharido

following are some alternatives of game kharido, where you can topup free fire diamonds. 

1. How to top up on Codashop?

games kharido and codashop

Free Fire topup process on codashop is almost like the Game Kharido topup process. We can topup free fire diamonds also on codashop. The pricing of the codashop is also almost the same as game kharido. You have to just follow the following simple steps to topup free fire diamonds on codashop.

  • Visit Codashop official website.
  • click on free fire icon
  • insert your free fire id number of diamonds to topup.
  • select your payment method.
  • click on buy now

Your topup is now successful. It is a very simple top topup free fire diamonds on codashop.

Payment Methods Available on Codashop

For all indian users there are mainly three payment methods are available. 

  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Paytm

All the options are easily available to everyone. so there is no issue of payment methods on the codashop. 

2. How to Topup Diamonds on SeaGM


SeaGM is another trusted source to top up free fire diamonds. If you cant use codashop and games kharido, then you should try SeaGM to top up Diamonds in the free fire. Following are steps to topup free fire diamonds from SeaGM. 

  • Visit SeaGM official website
  • Sign in or Create new account
  • Search Free Fire
  • Enter amount of diamonds 
  • Enter Player Id and nickname 
  • Pay money through available payment options 

These are some simple steps to top up your free fire account on SeaGM. 

Is Game Kharido safe?

Games Kharido is considered a safe website by a lot of Gamers. Game Kharido is most popular website among the gaming community just because it is safe.

What are the best Alternatives of Game Kharido?

CodaShop and SeaGM are the two best alternative and sites like Games Kharido.

What is best Free Fire Top-Up Bonus Website?

Game Kharido is a Free fire top-up bonus website. On your first top-up on games kharido you will get a 100% bonus. You just have to choose a plan according to your need. Most of the free-fire players prefer to buy more diamonds as much as they can on their first top-up.