SouL Mortal: The Best PUBG Player and Streamer

Naman Mathur is an Indian PUBG player widely knows as Soul Mortal in India. And it is also very popularly known as Mortal. He is an Indian pubg player and Streamer on youtube. 

About SouL Mortal

soul mortal

As discussed above  Mortal is a very famous Indian PUBG player. He lives in Mumbai city of India. He was born in May 1996. He has a huge fan base in India. Especially he has a huge fan base on social media like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

He is very popularly known for his PUBG playing skills. He has more than 6 million subscribers on his youtube channel and more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

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Mortals PUBG Streaming on Youtube

Mortal has been started streaming on youtube in 2016. When PUBG mobile was not very famous he was used to streaming mini militia gameplay on youtube. 

He is currently one of the best PUBG mobile streamers in India.

He owns a channel named Moral on youtube. He streams PUBG gameplay on youtube his youtube channel. He is just famous because of his clever gameplay. He started streaming exactly 5 years back and now he is one of the best pubg streamers and one of the best gaming youtube channels in India.

SouL Mortal Team

In the first two years of his streaming career, he worked alone. After 2 years in 2018, he started building his team. Initially, his team was consist of only four members including Mortal. After that, he expanded his team. 

Break of Mortal in competitive PUBG Mobile

Mortal announced a short break from competitive pubg mobile in 2019.

He announced his short break in spring split 2019. The main reason for taking a break in competitive PUBG Mobile was to concentrate on streaming.

After taking a short break in Competitive pubg mobile soul mortal to become full-time pubg streamer on youtube.

Mortals Most Watched video on Youtube :


Mortal is a very famous pubg player and streamer in India. He started streaming in 2016. He lives in Mumbai city. He has More than 6 million subscribers on youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is souL Mortal?

souL Mortal is very famous Indian PUBG player and youtube Streamer. He’s original name is Naman Mathur. He is one of the top professional PUBG player.

Who is souL Mortal Girlfriend?

It is rumour that Mortal is dating Raven. Raven is also PUBG streamer. It is not officially confirmed by the both of them. It is only rumour.

What is Mortals PUBG Id?

The PUBG Id of Mortal is 590211476

What is Age of Mortal?

The age of Mortel is 25. He was born in May 1996.