Play Sudoku regularly to develop these personality traits

Play Sudoku regularly to develop these personality traits


Whether it is your office or school,  you will always come across someone hooked to crossword puzzles or a game of Sudoku. Sudoku is a fun game and hobby that lets your mind relax while solving fun and tricky puzzles. The game can be played by everyone irrespective of their age. Studies have found that playing Sudoku will enhance your cognitive skills and help you avoid dementia by training your brain in new ways to think and solve puzzles.


Sudoku puzzles are most likely to be found in newspapers, magazines or you can play Sudoku online. It’s a brain-teaser that requires you to think logically about fitting numbers into boxes inside a grid. The goal of Sudoku is to fill up the grid without repeating any numbers. The problem is determining which number belongs in which box. The sudoku grid is divided into nine boxes, each with nine squares. The puzzle will already fill some of the squares with numbers.


Some of the personality traits that Sudoku help to build are:

Helps to develop Methodical Thinking


Sudoku is an easy game that doesn’t involve any aggression or competition. It is a perfect game for every person who wants to enhance their methodical thinking. Unlike other puzzle games, Sudoku puzzles aren’t particularly whimsical or inventive. A player must apply the rules and logically fill the blank blocks with the correct numbers to solve the Sudoku puzzle. You can take numerous guesses; however, the puzzle will have one correct answer, which would sharpen your skills. If you want to put a particular number in a specific block, you will need to consider the block and make an accurate judgment meticulously.


The method for solving puzzles is an iterative process of logical deduction. This thinking process is not present in everyone, but the good news is that it can be learned or gained with practice. Sudoku will help you be an organized and systematic thinker as you play with the grids more closely every day. Sudoku is one such game that keeps your brain younger.

Ability to Handle Pressure


Sudoku is an ideal game for students as it helps them learn time management and work under pressure. Many of you must be taking several exams, and you have to work under pressure. Sudoku will help you manage your time well and avoid panicking when all odds are against you. Under pressure, people are more likely to make severe mistakes and pay dearly for them. You also tend to feel scared while solving tricky puzzles and patterns, and your brain fails to think clearly.


While playing Sudoku, you can have a stopwatch and assess your time to solve the complete puzzle. This will prepare you for the worst-case scenarios where you have to work under pressure. Studies have proven that the more you are exposed to a particular situation, you will be more accustomed to it.


It might take you months or a year to become a pro at Sudoku, or it will take you one game to become your best self at the game. It all depends on your determination and focus. If you easily get distracted by something or another, then Sudoku might be the perfect game for you to chisel your ability to focus. Some Sudoku puzzles can be challenging, and slight disturbance will ruin everything. It is important to give your undeterred concentration while solving the Sudoku puzzle.


You might be traveling on public transport or chilling with your friends in their house. While solving the Sudoku in such scenarios, you have to block the outside world’s noise and focus on the challenge ahead. This will help you block the noise in your head and concentrate better on your studies, work, or day-to-day activities. Sudoku is an ideal way to develop better concentration and focusing ability. Initially, you might find it hard to concentrate; however, you will undoubtedly get the hang of it with practice.

Unfailing Determination


If you are someone who gives up with the slightest inconvenience, then you should think twice before picking up a Sudoku puzzle. Sudoku can be tough, and it needs unwavering determination to stay until the last block gets filled. Sometimes, the puzzle might seem never-ending, but you will finish the game with the right strategies and methods. Sudoku instills determination and gives us the hope that even if it might seem hard at first, it’s worth sticking and giving it your all.

Improves Competitive Mindset


It takes a competitive mindset to pick any challenge and emerge victoriously. Sudoku is one such game that puts one in a competition with themselves. After all, in life, your greatest competition is you. Sudoku prepares you for every competition in life. The 21st century is a rat race, and the competitive person survives. Without a competitive stint, no one can beat their opponent or their own best score. It is essential to cross the hurdle while keeping the competition in mind. Sudoku makes one prepare for the heavenly nectar called “success.”

Organizational Skills


People who think that Sudoku needs strong mathematical knowledge are wrong. All Sudoku requires is minimal mathematical knowledge and strong organizational skills. The game isn’t restricted to numbers only as it can be played with alphabets, letters, patterns, pictures and even symbols. Sudoku will hone your analytical and organizational skills.


If you quickly understand a pattern and recognize the missing numbers, you will be a pro at Sudoku in no time.


These are some personality traits that can develop with time while playing Sudoku. It is an ideal game that can be enjoyed alone while having a good mental workout.  Happy playing!