How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire 2023

Like every Free Fire Player, if you wants to play Free Fire with DJ Alok and want to know some tricks & trips to unlock DJ Alok Character then you must read this article. Here in this article we are going to discuss everything about DJ Alok Free Fire.

In this article we will see about Free Fire Character DJ Alok and how get it.

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Who is Free Fire Character DJ Alok

DJ Alok’s character is inspired by the Brazilian musician Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo.

best character in free fire

Dj Alok is one of the most famous characters in the free fire. Almost every free-fire player likes to play with Dj Alok. There are many reasons behind the popularity of the Dj Alok free fire. Free fire Character Dj Alok is not only famous because its looks, but its special ability is also the key reason behind its popularity. 

Garena added the Free fire character Dj Alok in game in the year 2019. Within a few days after launch, it becomes very popular. “Drop the Beat” is its special ability. And it is the only reason behind its popularity. It restores 5 HP for 5 seconds. It also increases the movement of the player and teammates.

Dj Alok Character Details:

  • Name of Character: Dj Alok
  • Special Ability: Drop the Beat
  • Launching Year: 2019
  • Price: 599 

How to Unlock & Get Free Fire Character DJ Alok

The price of Dj Alok is 599 diamonds. As we all know diamond is the official currency in free fire you have to pay for diamonds to get the DJ Alok Free fire. 

You can purchase Dj Alok from a free fire store. Initially, it was free for everyone but later it was added to the list of premium items. You can also avail it with a discount coupon. With help of a discount coupon, you can save 100 diamonds. 

There are many ways to get diamonds. Topup is an official way to get diamonds in the free fire. But topup needs money and if you don’t have the money you cant get diamonds and also any character. There are some ways of getting free diamonds are available. We will discuss them later. 

Can I get DJ Alok Free Fire for Free

Yes, you can get Dj Alok Free Fire for free in Airdrop. Free fire gifts Airdrop to many players. You may get weapons, skins, and characters free of cost in the airdrop. 

You may also get the Free Fire character DJ Alok in the airdrop but there is no guarantee of getting character through an airdrop. Purchasing DJ Alok with diamonds is the best way to get it. For purchasing it, you need diamonds, and you can purchase them through topup. 

Furhter, there are many ways through which you can get free diamonds. So, let’s discuss ways to get free diamonds in the free fire. 

How to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire to get DJ Alok

As we discussed above the main and official way to get diamonds in free fire is topup. But everyone can’t afford to purchase diamonds. So there are some 4-5 ways to get free diamonds. And they are as following: 

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards are one of the best ways to earn free diamonds in the free fire. It can help you to earn diamonds for free. But to get free diamonds through google opinion rewards, you have to be very very patient. Because earning diamonds through google opinion rewards takes a lot of time.

To earn diamonds you have to answer some questions of the survey. After completing the surveys, you will get some credit points. You can use these credit points to earn diamonds. 

This method is 100% working and already thousands of people are using this method to earn diamonds.

2. Booyah App

Booyah app is also one of the best platforms where you can earn free diamonds. It is content sharing application where you can share content related to free fire. And you can earn diamonds by participating in the contests organized there on the booyah app.

You can earn diamonds by winning such a contest. It is a very easy way to get diamonds. You just have to download the booyah application from the play store and participate in contests. 

3. Giveaways

Giveaways are also the way to earn diamonds as well as Free fire character DJ Alok. Due to the popularity of free fire, the number of free fire content has been increased. Many people also love to watch free-fire content on social media platforms like youtube and Instagram. 

Many such social media free fire stars organize giveaways. Not only stars but small YouTubers also organize giveaways of Dj Alok Free fire and diamonds. So, there is also a chance of getting free diamonds. 

But there are many persons who are looking for websites to buy cheap diamonds. If you are also one of them then keep reading.

Best Website to buy Diamonds at Cheap Price

1. Game Kharido

Game kharido is the official website to buy free fire diamonds. You can purchase diamonds there to get the Free fire character Dj Alok. 

Game kharido offers a 100% bonus on the first topup. So, if you are purchasing diamonds only for DJ Alok, you just have to purchase 300 diamonds. Game kharido will give you a 100% bonus.

If you wants to know more about it then you must read our guide on Games Kharido.

2. Coda shop

Coda shop is also some website like game kharido, where you can purchase diamonds at a cheap rate. You just have to visit the official website of the coda shop, insert your id and pay money. After paying money you will get your diamonds in your free fire account.


DJ Alok is one of the best characters in the free fire. He is google looking and almost all free fire players love to play with Free fire character Dj Alok. “Drop the Beat” is the special ability of Free fire character Dj Alok and it is the main reason behind the popularity of DJ Alok. and that’s why every player love to play with Dj Alok.


How to get DJ Alok for Free?

You can get DJ Alok free of cost through Airdrop. There is no other way to get Alok for free but you can also use some techniques to earn free diamonds and purchase DJ Alok.

How can I unlock DJ Alok using cheaper diamonds?

You can purchase cheap diamonds on game kharido to unlock DJ Alok and you can also use a discount coupon code.