How to get Rat King Catalyst 2023 in Destiny 2

hello friends, in this article, we will see everything about how to get Destiny 2 Rat King Catalyst. We will discuss what it does? How to get it? And how to upgrade it?

Read this article till the end to know everything about it.

How to get Rat King Catalyst?

You don’t have to do anything different to get it, You will find it directly after winning Nightfall strikes. But nobody knows exactly, when will you get the drop of it. According to many players, you have to win more than a few dozen strikes to get it. And also there is no way to increase the odds of the drop of rat king catalyst.

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How can I Upgrade to Rat King Catalyst?

Upgrading the catalyst is also a very very tough task. Because to update it, your teammate has to kill more than 1,000 enemies using rat king.

Killing 1000 enemies is itself a difficult task, but convincing your teammate to kill 1000 enemies with rat king is more difficult than that.

In order to upgrade the rat king catalyst, you must have a rat king and then your fireteam member has to kill 1000 enemies.

What does Rat King Catalyst do?

It is always recommended to use density 2 rat king catalyst. It provides perks to weapons known as infestation. Infestation provides some other benefits to rat king.

It helps in better aiming, improves recoil direction, etc. And refreshing health in invisibility is one of the most important features that it provides.

So, you should use it to enjoy the extra benefits offered by it and to improve your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Rat King catalyst?

You will find it randomly after winning strikes or nightfalls. And to unlock its update, your team member have to kill 1000 enemies

Can you solo Rat King catalyst?

No, It is not for solo players.