Filmywap 2023 : Watch & Download Movies

Entertainment becomes the most important part of human life and movies and web series are some of the best sources of entertainment. Now there are various OTT platforms available for watching movies and other entertainment purposes but these platforms are paid. You need to pay money for accessing content on such OTT platforms as well as at cinema halls. Filmywap is a platform that allows to access such content for free of cost but illegally.

What is Filmywap

Filmywap is an online platform founded in 2011 that provides the latest movies through piracy. This website is highly popular among online movie streamers as it is free, however you should keep in mind it is totally illegal. The website is officially banned by the government for breaking the laws for piracy.

Filmywap was banned back in 2018 view content piracy. The website was allowing its visitors to consume and download copyrighted content for free without its owner’s permission thus hurting the revenues of the entertainment industry. The owners of the website had no license to provide copyrighted content for free of cost that leads them to get arrested and ban.

In March 2018, the administrator of the Filmywap was arrested by the police for breaking the laws under Copyright Act. The website offered all the copyrighted content for free without the prior permission of its owners just to make easy money through Advertisement. Whereas other legal streaming website, Theatres and OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime & Hotstar offers the paid content.

History of Filmywap

The Filmywap website was founded back in 2011 by three friends and since then they were providing the copyrighted content for free to its users. The owners of the website was leaking the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free. Since the piracy of Copyrighted content is illegal and against the laws the Owners of the website was arrested and sent to jail by the law agencies and website was shutdown.

However, the website came back on different domain and different server. Since then the website is still online and can be accessed through different domains. The website had a huge impact on the revenue of the entertainment industry. Filmywap leaked a lot of blockbusters since 2011. According to the reports entertainment industry lose up to $3 billion every year due to the piracy of the content.

Content of Website

It provides Hight quality Hd Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood movies for download. Apart from the movies, web series are also available on the it. You can download Hollywood movies for free. It allows us to download Telugu movies for free. All pirated movies are available on filmywap new website.

Moving deeper into the website, we can find that this website has three sections: The latest movies, Feature movies, and others. The latest movies section gives you all the information about recently released movies, and the features section gives you information about popular movies.

Privacy on Filmywap Website

You should know everything about any website before visiting directly. You should take care of your privacy while visiting such illegal sites. It could be dangerous for you. Do you know such websites can steal your personal information? You cannot believe on such illegal websites. The main source of earning of these websites is pop-up ads. Piracy of the movies is illegal. So you should stay away from such a website.

How we can access Filmywap with New Links?

As movie piracy is illegal in India, the government of India banned filmywap websites. But by It is still online due to changing their domain regularly after banning. They use various different extensions of the domains and keep the website online. They use extensions like .xyz , .io, .one for it’s new URL.

As you know it is an illegal website. It promotes the piracy of movies which is illegal, that’s why the government banned all new URLs. This is a very famous website so whenever they change the domains the government banns it.

Remember one thing we cannot access filmywap websites by just searching it on google. The government banned websites and domains of the websites change every single day and also it is banned from all Indian servers. So you need to use a virtual private network (VPN). You cannot access it without a VPN. Filmywap new URL can be accessed with the use of a VPN.

For this reason, you will get many domains of this website. So if you want to download the movies from this website you need to search for various different domains. Following is the list of domains of the website:

Best Alternatives of Filmywap

There are some other websites also where you can download filmywap latest movies, filmywap Malayalam movies. Because even after banning the website many peoples are searching for filmywap movie download. It is not the only website that allows pirated content. There are many different websites that provide pirated latest Tamil movies to download free of cost. You can search online about the alternatives of the filmywap. There are many websites like this website.


It is another website like filmy4wab. It also provides the same features as filmy4wap. You can easily download the latest movies on the film Zilla. It has a simple and user-friendly user interface.

You can also download HD Bollywood movies on the film Zilla. If you don’t like the UI of all the other above-mentioned websites then you can try film Zilla also. It also has a huge user base. Millions of people enjoy content on film Zilla every day.


Play Tamil is also a very very famous website that allows us to download the latest bollywood movies. Apart from Bollywood, you can also download Tamil and Telugu movies. People search for filmywap 2018, filmywap 2019, filmywap 2020. But Playtamil is also a very famous website. Where also Pakistani content is uploaded. It is the same website as filmywap torrent. But Accessing any such website is unsafe.


It is also one of the very famous platforms where people can access such content for free of cont. In this website you can access movies, web series, tv shows, and much more entertainment content. You can find Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, and other entertainment content from various languages. You can also find the dubbed version of your favorite movies in English and Tamil. It will be the best place where you can get all the movies in HD quality. All the content available on the website is of high quality.

FAQs – Filmywap

Filmywap is Illegal?

Yes, It is illegal. According to the cyber act piracy of movies is illegal. And It allows downloading Bollywood movies hd for free. It badly hurts the business of movies and platforms where it is released. According to the report, It affect the business of movies up to $3 billion. It is banned by the government of India. But Filmywap new website is online because they are changing the domain of the website continuously.

Is Filmywap safe?

No, It is not safe because it is illegal. And you don’t know what they do with your data. Your data can be stolen from your local computer. You can’t say anything about what they can do. You also cannot complain about this website because this website is officially banned. And Government does not take responsibility for anything. So you should stay away from such illegal things. You can lose a lot of things especially privacy for the entertainment of just 1 or 2 hours.

Why Filmywap is very famous?

It is very very famous because the entertainment industry is at the peak in India. There are various film industries in India. There are various regional film industries in India. Which makes this website very famous. Because it provides free pirated movies.

What are different sizes of movies available on Filmywap?

There are numerous collections of films, tv shows, and web series but the size of the content totally depends upon the duration and the quality of the content. Some films are short some are long so there are all possible sizes are available depending upon content quality and size. All sizes including 300mb, 600mb, 800mb, 1gb ,2gb ,4gb.

How Filmywap Website still is Works even after Ban?

You may surely be thinking that this website is banned by the government but still how we can access it. The administrator of the website keeps changing the domain of the website every time after banning it.

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